(Financial : Aerospace : Payments : Property ) Technology

Global Technology, Solutions, and Partnerships

Infinea is a technology company that blends together several brands in Software, Aerospace technology, Payments, and Services into one organisation that seeks to solve customer problems on a global scale. The group was founded in the United Kingdom in 2018 with member entities dating back to the early 90's. Infinea has expanded through organic, JV, and acquisition, and will continue to grow across all of our brands with a goal of building a global multi-market technology organisation that designs, builds, and supports our own software, and industry leading software that solves problems with micro-services and weekly innovation releases. 

Aerospace- Nacelle

In the Airline, and Airport technology we go to market through our partnership with Comair in our joint Nacelle business. Nacelle operates services, consulting, support, software engineering, and Airline and Airport in a box solutions. Nacelle is nearly 100 people strong and rapidly growing. Nacelle operates all technology for all Comair brands (, British Airways in Africa, Slow Lounge, Comair Training Center, etc) and it aims to export South African aviation innovation and services all over the world. Nacelle has inherited all operations, airline specific, and non-aviation IP from both of its parents, with a mandate to commercialize them. Nacelle is opening an Australia office, and the UK office will be operational November 2018, adding to its development facilities in Johannesburg, and its brand new state of the art operations base next to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Nacelle is already capable of 24/7/365 operations, supporting customer contact, technology, cyber security, and mission critical technology. Nacelle also has a presence in most South African major airports, making it one of the most capable technology organisations in Southern Africa for aviation.

Payments - IPS

Infinea operate a payments rail company called Infinea Payment Solutions which designs, delivers, and operates payment rails for other group companies and external customers. IPS is rapidly expanding with launch development projects underway in South Africa, and the US, and soon to be brought to the UK. Infinea Payment is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.


Our Fintech organisation is headquartered in London, with additional development facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Melbourne Australia. Our Fintech specialization is Foreign Exchange technology solutions, KYC and regulatory solutions, as well as wallet and card issuing, and bank-in-a-box technology. Infinea's Fintech brands have more than 60 customers all over the world and we have operations, and consulting and support presence in three continents, with the US being our next expansion. We provide software for our own group usage using cutting edge micro services architectures, and we have three major software platforms in deployment across all of our customers. 

Software Labs

Lastly, we operate Infinea Labs, for both consulting, and software which builds, systems integrates, designs, and project manages complex projects in infrastructure and Software engineering. We have several consulting and software design for hire projects underway at any time and can provide elastic for hire resources as needed for customers, and partners. Infinea Labs provides central engineering and pooled technology capacity for all group entities.