About our Executive Leadership

Infinea has a globally strong executive leadership  that spans corporate main brands, aerospace, and startups. The collective leadership is one of the strongest assets of any company, and we are very excited at the caliber of our executive. Infinea executives are alumni of companies at the Senior Director, national Cx Suite, Country Manager,  and in some cases VP level in companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, Dell EMC, Wirecard, ABSA, Investec, Cisco, RMB/FNB, SAS, SAP, Merrill Lynch, and Reuters. Click on Surname to see LinkedIn Profile (must sign in to LinkedIn) 


Jonathan Tugendhaft - CFO
Bill Tickner - Chief Commercial Officer
Ritchie Houtmeyers - CTO

Craig Jones - Technical Director   
Frederico Baumhardt - CEO


Rogret Mogane - Director, Managed Services
Kirsty Barkhuizen - Chief Digital Officer
Delani Higgins - CFO
Amanda Mocellin - CEO
Additional Nacelle Board Members - Erik Venter - CEO Comair, Stuart Cochrane - Executive Comair

Fintech and Software Labs

CFO- David Phillips
Product Director - Marijan Miocic
CEO of Labs - Craig Albertson
CEO of Fintech - Ian Goodall
Master Software Engineer - Wayne Philip

Infinea Payment Solutions

COO and Implementation -  Carmen McIntosh
CEO- Alan West