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Infinea Payment Solutions

The payments industry provides mission critical transaction rails to many type of merchants all over the world. Whilst specific markets have certain nuances the payments industry globally is remarkably consistent with its global norms, policies and certification requirements. Traditionally, this has systematically separated the payment from the platform providing it, making access to e-commerce very expensive, and technologically complex.

Infinea Payments exists to allow every single member of society to participate in digital commerce, retail, and acceptance with technologies to power issuance, acquiring of e-commerce, as well as multi-tiered payments models. We do this by adding KYC, Trust, E-commerce, identity, basket and other services as part of our processing solutions and integrating the experiences seamlessly for customers, allowing them to focus on their business, and not the platforms that transact it.

Infinea Payments Aviation

The aviation community has specific requirements with challenges such as offline in-air transactions, cyber-security and fraud defence, as well as e-commerce drop off– and basket conversion challenges. With its partnership with Nacelle Aviation, Infinea Payments understands the aviation payments markets deeply and provides deep industry experience. Aviation is a specialist industry, aviation payments should be as well.

Infinea Payments Retail and Mall

Through our partnerships with Property funds, and Airports we understand deeply the specific characteristics of retail and retail payments. We operate innovative models on revenue share clause tenancies and payments solutions that can handle the specifics of retail shopping environments. We also provide live self service e-commerce platforms, pre-integrated to merchant accounts and the ability to operate retail logistics, built in point of sale software QR payment solutions and loyalty platforms, as well as parking and automated boom integration. These capabilities extend greatly the flexibility to large and small merchants alike and provide mall operating companies participatory revenue opportunities and value creation beyond traditional streams

Infinea Payments Hosted Banking

Infinea Payments has dedicated and specialized digital bank hosting solutions and partners with critical infrastructure providers to host support, and operate digital banks and digital challenger financial services institutions. Partnering with the 24/7 Nacelle Operations center, and our dev ops and software sustained engineering solutions Infinea Payments provides turn key planning, deployment, operation, and innovation design of digital challenger financial services organisations on flexible revenue share, cloud, and capex models.