Infinea Labs exists to deliver modern, customer oriented, technology solutions from a wealth of talent and proven technology to a broad range of industry sectors. We operate Consulting and technology transformation services (Infinea Consulting Labs), and Software and Micro-services engineering capability (Infinea Software Labs).
The Infinea Labs organisation provides all engineering and dev ops services for all brands in the Infinea group, and also makes its services available to outside customers at very competitive rates, especially to partners.

The Labs form the backbone of Infinea’s capability to transform customers’ digital prospects, providing new possibilities and reduced costs, whilst achieving this in time frames to enable competitive advantage. The Labs play a fundamental role in the delivery and evolution of all technology offered across Infinea’s Aero, Finance, Regulatory and Payment businesses.

The Labs software methodology was created around a philosophy and processes that place customer’s own experts at the heart of successful deliveries. Supported by professional services from the Lab’s Consulting unit the entire life-cycle of a solution can be addressed, no matter how unstructured a requirement is presented.

The Labs draw on high quality resources from across the globe, with centres in South Africa, UK and Australia. This allows teams to be built from local resources as well as global experts, balancing quality with cost efficiency.

Projects can range from physical infrastructure to micro-architectured Cloud solutions, with expertise including networking, servers (physical and virtual), project management, analysis, architecture, development (legacy and modern, inc Microsoft, Java, SQL, mobile, Cloud, etc), DevOps, QA (manual and automated) and operations.