Nacelle is the joint venture between Infinea and Comair Ltd, one of Africa’s leading airline and aviation services groups.

Nacelle operates all of the technology services, digital development, ground-side and air-side technology operations for Comair and its brands. In addition, Nacelle is launching additional services across Africa and Europe to the civil aviation community leveraging its considerable talent in Aviation specific solutions, platforms, payments and mission critical know-how.

All of the technology systems developed by Comair and Infinea have been made available to Nacelle who will now commercialize all Aviation solutions into several discrete areas adding industry specific insight and value.

Nacelle Airline Operations

Benefiting from more than 100 aviation team members and leveraging decades of operational discipline in airline technology operations Nacelle is now providing IT operations, support, and managed services to the Aviation community in Africa and in 2019 in Europe out of London, adding to its Cape Town and Johannesburg operations. Nacelle is willing to take on technology staff and outsource IT airline operations functions, managed services, and any technology role required by an Airline big or small and deploy its proven and cost-efficient operating model on behalf of aviation and non-aviation customers. Nacelle operates 24/7/365 support and maintains experts in modern technology and aviation platforms alike.

Nacelle IT Project Deployment

Above and beyond our support capability we maintain the best of digital design and implementation capacity that deploys any type of Aviation technology project from Customer apps and kiosks, all the way to reservation systems, flight crew management, and complex integrations. We also provide standard software engineering, application configuration and bespoke software engineering for aviation scenarios and beyond.

Nacelle Software for Aviation

Nacelle is productizing the best of Airline operations, customer facing, self-service, ground-side, crew and payment applications and delivering them as cloud solutions or custom implementations. This template approach allows us to rapidly deploy additional revenue enhancing and cost reducing aviation solutions that are pre-integrated and tested with access to the development team for rapid customization.

Nacelle Airport Platform

The Nacelle Airport platform allows for the interconnection and deployment of dozens of airport customer facing experiences that increase the addressable revenue opportunities connect airports to airlines in a more seamless way and implement the Airport Council International Recommended Information Standards for seamless passenger experiences. From parking and check-in, to payments, tenant management, loyalty, internal tracking, marketing, and digital retail and e-commerce solutions the Nacelle airport platform blends, aggregates and creates persistent high value passenger experiences.

Nacelle Payments

Nacelle provides aviation specific payments solutions for Check-in, E-commerce, Card not present, and web payments, as well as settlement and PCI compliance and anti-fraud consulting and charge back reduction services needed by aviation players with their specific needs in mind and backs that up with platforms and devices


Nacelle Customers